Vintage HH VS Musician 2x12 Combo Amplifier 1970s Bass Guitar Amp


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Made in England


Spring Reverb model


All bulbs behind controls work

Fully functional

Service carried out to controls and sockets

Shows some signs of cosmetic wear

Vinyl covering shows splits and scratching

Speakers work perfectly

Speaker covering has sent to material in one place

Includes amp and mains lead only

HH Musician reverb combo

The V-S Musician is a two-channel 100-watt guitar amplifier head with a spring reverb, separate gain and master volume controls and a built in switchable solid state distortion circuit. This circuit was designed to emulate valve amplifier distortion, hence 'V-S' for valve sound, but with controllable master volume, the V-S circuit was encased in a block of resin to prevent copying by competitors.

Key Features

2 channels

Reverb switch

7-pin footswitch jack

Master volume and master reverb controls

Valve Sound Switch

Mixer Output

Slave output

Echo send/echo return

100 Watts

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