Vintage 1960’s Original Kay Fuzz Tone Guitar Effects Pedal Japan


Sale price£474.99


Super rare pedal !!


Fully functional

Excellent condition with light cosmetic wear

No cracks or chip

All original

Service carried out to switch and sockets

Some paint wear to the foot panel

Some people remove the paint altogether from the tread line and list the pedal as mint

All other areas near mint


This is a very rare and hard to find orange Kay Fuzz Tone pedal which gained notoriety as the exact model used by Danielle Lanois in the Sling Blade film. Taking into account how old this pedal is (resistors date late 1969), the orange plastic enclosure & black rubber bottom are in amazing shape with no fading or sun damage. This is a very original sounding fuzz with the foot treadle controlling the output level.

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