Studio Electronics Wolftone Chaos Distortion Overdrive Effect Guitar Pedal


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Studio Electronics is now shipping their Wolftone series of pedals.

The Wolftone series focuses on distortion-based effects. For consumers looking

for gnarly, edgy distortion with germanium-esque nastiness; these are your

pedals. The Wolftone Chaos heightens harmonic content that can be emphasized

and then destroyed. Whereas the Wolftone Helium focuses on giving you overdrive

with old school octaver or Todd Wolfgram's new-school octaver; it is up to


Controls on the Wolftone Chaos include:

Drive -- allows you to create a subtle edgy quality for a slight overdrive

effect to a full-on sustained overdrive.

Entropy -- controls the harmonic complexity of the distorted tone. At a

low level you get an old fuzz-tone effect. When turned all the way up, Entropy

can create synth-line effects. Some settings actually mimic Ring Modulator


Volume -- can make for a balance of volume as when the sound is bypassed.

Level can also give a boost for solos.

Switches -- "Hair" creates a filter sweep feel and gives a little more

edge. "Dimension" determines the characteristics of the Entropy control.

The "2nd" setting will provide a hint of octave up tone and a warmer overall

feel. The "3rd" setting, however, makes for a hollow synth-like tone with

a higher Entropy setting.

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Wolftone Helium knobs and controls include:

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Mix -- controls the mix of the fundamental and the octave up content.

Volume -- can make for a balance of volume as when the sound is bypassed.

Level can also give a boost for solos.

Switches -- "Octave" switch gives you the choice between a traditional

octaver or Wolfgram's tighter high-end octave tone. The "Texture" switch

gives you control over the quality of timbres from the octave section. Choices

are "Coarse" (bright & edgy). "Full" (unmodified vintage octave tone)

and "Smooth" (sweet, singing tone).

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