Kinsman Premium Series Guitar Rack ~ Holds 3 Guitars


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A guitar stand is a ‘must-have’ and very often overlooked as an essential accessory. Having your precious instrument propped up on a chair, or leaning against a wall, could very well end in tears.

Designed to hold acoustic and electro-acoustic guitars, electric guitars and basses, the Kinsman Multi-Guitar Stand is the perfect solution to safely store 3 guitars in an upright position, in the bedroom, rehearsal room, studio or on stage.

With a small footprint, this lightweight and extremely sturdy steel frame stand easily collapses into a compact, portable package. All surfaces where the guitars ‘touch’, including the base body bars, neck supports and dividers feature robust, rubberised cushioning to protect your instrument.

The Kinsman Multi-Guitar Stand is the perfect solution to safely store guitars in a neat and tidy format, easily and readily accessible when the urge to reach out and enjoy your precious instrument arises.

Like all products within the vast range of Kinsman musical accessory products, the Premium Series Multi-Guitar Stand excels within functionality, durability, reliability and innovative design, whilst providing exceptional value for money.

• Heavy duty steel tubular construction.
• Cushioned body and neck supports.
• Back sections folds flat for storage and transportation.
• Non-slip rubber feet for stability.
• Width – 22.5cm
• Height – 69.5cm

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