ROLAND S 330 Professional Digital Studio Sampler

Sale price£299.99


Fully functional

Excellent condition with minor cosmetic wear

LCD screen works perfectly

Includes unit and mains lead only

The Roland S-330 is a 1U rack (velocity and aftertouch sensitive), 16 voice (8 part multitimbral), 16 bit, sampler, featuring a digital resonant low-pass filter, dedicated filter and amp 8 stage envelopes, LFO (sine or peak-hold waveforms with delay, polarity and sync), 3.5" DSDD Disk drive, mic and line inputs, 8 individual outputs, CRT/composite video output, and MIDI. Up to 32 samples can be recorded at 15|30kHz (1MW memory) and combined into 16 presets. Sample editing includes auto-loop (forward/reverse), combine, mix, truncate, and resonant low|high pass filter.

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