Zildjian 16” Planet Z Crash Cymbal

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Fully functional

No splits

Includes cymbal only


Bright crash cymbal suitable for a range of music genres

Zildjian quality at entry level price

A sound capable of cutting through dense mixes

The perfect way to complete your fill

A cymbal with character. The Zildjian Planet Z 16'' Crash is the ideal cymbal for a range of musical genres. The Planet Z range has been designed for beginner musicians, offering a taste of the professional quality synonymous with Zildjian cymbals. The crash is able to deliver a brilliant sound with a accent capable of cutting through dense mixes. It's the perfect way to finish a drum fill and the perfect addition to any drum setup.

Product Ref: 152701

16” Planet Z Crash

The 16” Planet Z Crash is a bright cymbal, capable of cutting through dense mixes. The thin design produces a medium sustain, ideal whether you’re finishing a fill or powering through a chorus. Packed with features found across the Zildjian range, the cymbal is perfect for players that perform multiple different genres thanks to the defined sound. Whether you’re looking to expand your current cymbal set, or replace a component, you’ll always find space for the Planet Z crash.

Planet Z Cymbals

Planet Z cymbals are the perfect introduction to the world of professional drumming. Offering features found all across the Zildjian range, Planet Z cymbals provide high quality sounds that are sure to get your performance noticed.

The Planet Z cymbals are ideal for players that regularly perform a variety of genres. This is thanks to the sound covering a wide dynamic range. The bright nature of the cymbals lends itself to both fast and slow tempo music, whether you’re looking to thrash through a chorus or add a characterful hi-hat to an acoustic musical piece. Thanks to the standard sizes of the Planet Z cymbals, they set players up brilliantly to progress their technique and onto other cymbal types.


Bright sound with cutting accent

Suitable for a range of playing styles and genres

Ideal addition to Zildjian Fundamental Pack


Weight: thin

Finish: traditional

Size: 16"

Product code: ZP16C

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