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The Yankee PS-M2 power supply is a professional guitar effects power supply that can power virtually every guitar effect available on the market. It is unquestionably the most electronically advanced power supply on the market.

Manufactured by experienced specialists, PS-M2 is a combination of professional electronics and brilliant design. 


Movable power cord socket

Assembled in durable aluminium housing, using the highest quality material for safety and strength

Easily attached to pedalboard with screws

Powerfull toroidal transformer

3 x AC outputs (9V, 12V and 14V)

2 x DC outputs with regulated voltage (between 6V and 24V)

10 x 9V DC outputs split into two separate sections

2 x SAG with stepless DC voltage regulation between 1V and 10V

Five fully separated sections

Can power effects in send/return loop and before the amplifier at the same time

USB port and diode lamp

Ability to power every guitar effect available on the market

One of the most advanced power supplies available



▪ Yankee PS-M2 Power Supply

▪ Power cord

Effect pedals that can be powered using Yankee PS-M2 Power Supply:

Sections I and II (9V DC): BOSS - Danelectro - EHX - Eventide - Fultone - Ibanez - MXR - T-rex

Section III (SAG): Older analog effects, or other 9V DC effects

Section IV (6-24V DC): DHA - Hiwatt - Moog - Pigtronix - Radial - Strymon - TC Electronics

Section V (9V, 12V & 14V AC): Boss - DigiTech Whammy - DigiTech guitar processors - Blackstar - JamMan



Dimensions: 52 mm x 140 mm x 105 mm (height x width x length)

Weight: 1500 g

Power input: 230V / 50Hz

Output scheme:

Section Outputs Voltage Current

I 5 outputs 9V DC 1200 mA

II 5 outputs 9V DC 1200 mA

III 2 outputs SAG 1V – 10V DC 600 mA

IV 2 outputs 6V – 24V DC 600 mA

V 1 output 9V AC 2000 mA

1 output 12V AC

1 output

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