Yamaha PS-55 Keyboard + Cover Synthesizer & PCM Drum Machine


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Excellent condition near mint

No cracks or dents

Fully functional

Includes original bag (near mint condition), power supply, dust cover , manual and sheet music stand


Few companies have done as much to further the cause of the personal keyboard as Yamaha. Their unique experience in both domestic and professional musical instrument fields has given them a built-in advantage over many rival manufacturers, in that they alone have found it possible to incorporate untried innovations without first have to research the necessary groundwork. It comes as no surprise therefore to find that Yamaha's personal keyboards often seem to be first in incorporating a certain facility or two, and the PS-55 is a prime example of this, as it includes within its catalogue of features a rhythm generator with digitally-sampled drum sounds and a sequencing/recording facility whose sophistication is unmatched in this price area.

By way of introduction, it should be mentioned that the 55 lies at the top of a range of four PS models, of which the other three are the 15, 25, and 35. A four-octave C-to-C keyboard provides the 55's starting-point, and while this may seem prohibitively small in the context of professional performance, for most possible home applications it works well enough.

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