Vintage Yamaha RX 17 Drum Machine Digital Rhythm Programmer


Sale price£134.99



Fully functional

Shows some signs of cosmetic wear but nothing major

Light scratching to lcd screen

Screen works perfectly

Missing 1x slider cover - I will try to find a replacement before sale


Compact Digital Rhythm Programmer, providing the means to create a vast array of drum patterns.


13 Instrument Keys

Each Instrument Key can be instantly switched between two voices for a total of 26 recorded drum sounds.

Level Adjustment

The level of each voice can be altered to balance the "drum kit" to precise specifications.

Rhythm Tempo

Rhythm Patterns can be played back repeatedly, at any desired tempo from 40 to 250 quarter-notes a minute.

Rhythm Pattern Creation

Up to 100 custom Rhythm Patterns can be generated by editing the preset Rhythm Patterns or creating new rhythms. The Patterns can be recorded in Real Time Write (play the instrument keys while listening to the Click Guide) or without automatic correction of timing. The Patterns can also be recorded in Step Write (entering one note at a time) to create perfectly timed Patterns. Following a Patterns recording, the Accent Edit mode will alter the level of each note, to add more realism.

Song Mode

Allows the combination of up to 999 Patterns in a single song, including intros, fills, repeats, tempo and volume changes. Up to 10 songs may be composed on the RX17, and Insert, Delete and Copy functions make song editing simpler.

Search Function

The Search Function locates any part of a song and allows the addition of new parts, similar to punching in on a tape recording.

MIDI Compatibility

The RX17 is a MIDI Instrument, and can control or be controlled by other MIDI equipment such as sequencers, synthesizers, and tone generators. It can be a part of a fully automated digital music system, or can provide the synchronization signal which keeps the performance together.

Cassette Storage

Once all Patterns and Songs have been programmed into memory, they can be saved on a standard cassette tape. They are stored in digital data form and can be loaded back into the RX17 at any time, allowing for the creation of a library of custom rhythms.

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