Vintage Signature Roger Williams VE9000RW Classical Electro Acoustic Guitar & Original Case

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Vintage VE9000RW Roger Williams guitar, original case



Discontinued model

Signature model

RRP £649.99

Fully functional

Professionally setup

Some cosmetic damage

The top has wood separation repair(please see pictures)

This does not affect the guitar and is not that noticeable

Other than stated issue the condition is excellent

Includes guitar and case only


Inspired by my handmade Crossover guitar, this design is produced for the UK and world market, by John Hornby Skewes UK Ltd.

This design incorporates many features of my handmade crossover guitar which allow the steel-string player to move more easily to the warmer and mellower sound of nylon strings and is endorsed by leading guitar virtuoso Gordon Giltrap.

​The “Classical Guitar” has evolved over several centuries to accommodate the requirements of the classical repertoire. The “Crossover Guitar” is designed to be more suitable for modern music, styles and genres while compromising support for classical and Flamenco styles as little as possible.

The JHS Vintage/Roger Williams Signature Crossover guitar is designed for both the Classical player and the steel-string player who is looking to broaden the scope of their music with a wider tonal palette and music from modern genres.

Main features

Gordon Giltrap

​The Red Cedar guitar top (Table) is selected and braced to provide a full range tone and quick response suitable for a wide range of music from Classical to Salsa Jazz!

A fingerboard width of 48mm provides considerably wider string spacing than that found on most steel-string guitars allowing for improved accuracy in complex fingering.

A radiussed fingerboard is helpful in making the guitar easier to play assisting barre chords considerably. Side dots also allow a quick positioning reminder in fast passages.

At the saddle, a wider string spacing of 58mm facilitates the classical right-hand “fingerstyle” technique allowing the fingers to enter the gap between the strings and obtain greater purchase on the string widening the tonal and volume palette.

The string action is quite low for nylon strings (recommended 2.4/3.4MM) and the use of higher tension or Flamenco strings provide a firm feel and tension to the strings without overloading the guitar top.

The unique double-curvature Florentine cutaway is not only extremely elegant with a completely smooth transition, but eases access to higher fret positions allowing barre chords that would otherwise be impossible, or at best extremely awkward.

The latest Fishman INK+ Pre-amp with the Sonicore pickup enhance the natural tone and allow the sound to be accurately modified to suit any musical, studio or stage requirement.

A double-acting truss-rod allows the informed player to easily move between a "Classical" setup and a "Flamenco" setup with less than a 1/2 turn of the adjuster.

See my setup advice under the Repair tab.

Endorsed by Vintage Signature Artist Gordon Giltrap, the VE9000RW comes complete with Kinsman hardshell case and is destined to become a new best seller.

"This beautiful electro acoustic classical is a dream come true for us steel string players who want to cross over to nylon strings.” says Gordon. “With it's slightly narrower neck and elegant cutaway it truly is a joy to play and the Fishman pickup system produces such a sweet sound.”

​The Vintage 'Roger Williams' Nylon Electro Acoustic Crossover guitar (VE9000RW) won the Trusted Music Store ‘Best Acoustic Guitar’ 2017 award at the 2017 MIA Gala Dinner Awards ceremony in London, beating off some quite stiff competition from Martin Guitars "Ed Sheeran Signature" model.

Read the excellent review by Dave Burrluck from Autumn Guitarist Magazine Acoustic issue.

also the review by Guitar Interactive (Issue 53 page 168)

Paul Vernon Chester demonstration and review

For the few players who may not know him, Paul is one of the top Gypsy Jazz guitarists in Europe and possibly the world. Paul’s playing and compositions place him at the forefront of the jazz guitar scene. He is best known for his amazing renditions of original Django Reinhardt material and his own beautiful compositions.

Paul recently used one of the V9000RW signature guitars for the second half of a concert at the Lichfield Garrick Theatre, and this is what he said afterwards...

"The RW Signature Guitar really does deliver on its cross-over rationale; as an instrument for the musician who favours the subtle tones and textures of a nylon strung guitar with neck profile and playability characteristics more familiar with a steel strung acoustic.

It is beautifully made with very pleasing aesthetics and sounds equally at home used acoustically with its rich tonal range or via its impressive on-board Fishman pre-amp, offering a wide choice of settings, should you decide to plug-in. I was recently able to sample its qualities first hand, using it acoustically for a set in my latest theatre performance and I’m still smiling

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