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Strymon have finally given us what we’ve all been waiting for and it looks like it’ll deliver in spades. A multistage drive pedal called the Riverside which ahs both an analogue and digital circuit in one.

Having both, creates incredible flexibility for a drive pedal, and with the quality that Strymon are known for, this could be the gain pedal to own.

Digital & Analogue

The first stage of gain your guitar signal hits on the Riverside is the all-analogue, class A JFET circuit. A commonly used distortion circuit for guitars that will dirty up your tone, but still retain loads of clarity and jangle.

They’ve designed the JFET circuit to give you up to 20dB of analogue gain so that you can really crank up the pedal before it starts compressing and ‘sagging’. However, if you keep the level down and crank the gain, then you can achieve that ‘sag’.

Once the signal has gone through the warm analogue circuit, the incredibly powerful SHARC DSP chip will add detailed and responsive distortion to match the dynamics of your playing.

Real Tube Dynamics

The Riverside will react like a tube amp and when you play quietly, the pedal will respond accordingly. When you up the intensity of your picking hand, you’ll create more distortion.

It has a low gain channel for smooth classic overdrive sounds and a high gain channel for modern saturated tone, so you can set the pedal up to match your genre, and then play within that parameter. Or you can use the Favorite switch to tap dance between a high gain setting and a low gain overdrive setting. It’s like having 2 pedals in 1!


We’ve touched on the fact that there’s more than one gain stage, but Strymon have actually crammed in four gain stages into the Riverside that will cascade into each other, adding more gain as you go.

This will increase the harmonic response so that you don’t lose clarity or top end under loads of distortion.


Ultimately, this a very versatile drive pedal that will give you access to classic sounds at your feet, but more importantly will help you carve out your own unique distortion sound.

And the 3-band EQ makes it easy to match the pedal to your current guitar and amp setup.


Sound Design

Custom cascading multistage distortion topology provides a wide range of tube-inspired drive tones

Digitally controlled analog class A JFET input gain stage maximizes headroom while adding up to 20dB of pure analog gain

Precision crafted DSP gain stages provide detailed complexity and responsiveness

Low gain channel for smooth classic overdrive

High gain channel for modern saturated distortion

3-band EQ with independent Bass, Middle and Treble controls

Selectable post-analog gain mid-band EQ push

Presence switch to tailor the sound for use with all amplifiers from dark to bright

Optional variable-threshold noise reduction helps tame noisy guitar pickups

Ins, Outs, and Switches

High impedance mono input

Mono output

Favorite footswitch to save a favorite setting

Expression pedal input allows the connection an expression pedal for simultaneous morphing control over multiple parameters (Expression mode), or logarithmic taper for smooth volume control (Volume mode)

Boost pedal input allows connection of an external footswitch for up to +6dB of analog boost, or to toggle the Favorite preset on other Strymon pedals (Favorite Out mode)

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