Mesa Boogie Subway Rocket Valve Tube Combo Guitar Amp 20W

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Fully functional

Excellent condition with very light cosmetic wear

Service carried out to controls and sockets

Includes amp and switch pedal

Manufacturer's Description...

The Subway Rocket ushers in a new era of compact, portable and affordable combo amplification that boasts no compromise, quality construction throughout. Don’t let small size and the sparse layout fool you...the Rocket is an extremely versatile single channel, Tri-Modal amplifier that provides a georgious clean sound, a soaring high gain lead and a giant, grinding crunch--way too big for its humble size.

The Three Footswitchable Sounds (Modes) of world class personality housed in a Baltic Birch cab, along with our custom-designed magic ten-inch Subway speaker, make the Rocket a mighty ally in the studio, rehearsal hall or anywhere else that you might be in need of Heavyweight Tone in a Bantam-watt arena. Its powerful footswitching capabilities and all the Gain a player could need, make the Rocket well suited for Rock, Pop, Country, Top 40 or any other style where versatility is the name of the game.


-Power Output: 20 Watts

-Tubes: EL84 (2), 12AX7 (4)

-Speaker: 10" Vintage Black Shadow

-Controls: Gain, Master | Gain, Master | Treble, Middle, Bass, Presence

-Dimensions: 19" x 15.5" x 11"

-Weight: 32 lbs


-FX Loop

-FX Mix

-Recording/headphone out

-Silent recording switch

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