Ibanez Prestige RG2550Z MIJ Japan Team j Electric Guitar 2008


Sale price£759.99



Fully Functional

Service carried out to controls and socket

Professionally setup with new Ernie ball strings

Overall condition is excellent

Shows some chips to body

Please see pictures

All original

Includes guitar and original hard case


This Ibanez Prestige RG2550z guitar is your entry into the realm of high quality made in Japan guitars. Featuring everything you have come to love about Ibanez RG series including thin neck for great playability and hot DiMarzio pickups this guitar is made for those who like to play fast and sound great while doing so. No guitar plays or feels like an Ibanez so if you have a need for speed make sure to check this one out.


Thin Simple Design

It wouldn't be an RG without a beautifully thin Wizard style neck with a flat back so you can get around it easily with nothing getting in the way of your playing. Made with a thin basswood body and 5 piece maple/walnut neck this guitar has a great midrange focus that is amazing for when you need to break into your next big solo.


Incredible Hardware

Where Ibanez shine though is with incredible high quality hardware that is not available elsewhere. On this guitar you will find the amazing Edge Zero knife edge tremolo system the ZPS3 zero point system. This unique tremolo system is very easy to set up with the zero point control on the back of the body. No longer do you have to open up the back of your guitar and dig in with a screwdriver to adjust spring tension. Now you can just rotate the zero point adjuster on the back of the guitar and it will instantly adjust spring tension.

Next up you have a set of brand new pickups for this guitar with a DiMarzio Air Norton, True Velvet and a The Tone Zone. These pickups are not the hottest pickups available but they can still handle a lot of gain. Because these pickups are not the hottest you really can use this guitar in pretty much any situation from pop to downtuned metal without an issue.You do not have to give up on playability for versatility.


Wizard HP 5pc Maple/Walnut neck

Basswood body

Rosewood fretboard w/Wedge sharktooth inlay

Jumbo frets w/Prestige fret edge treatment

DiMarzio Air Norton/True Velvet/The Tone Zone pickups

Edge-Zero tremolo bridge w/ZPS3

Cosmo black hardware

Hardshell case included

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