Epiphone Studio Acoustic 15C Acoustic Guitar Combo Amp Amplifier


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Excellent condition with minor cosmetic wear

Service carried out to socket and controls


The Epiphone Studio Acoustic 15C amplifier is the perfect amp for someone just starting to dive into the world of acoustic amplification. It is a solidly constructed, closed back unit that's not only portable, but straightforward and easy to use.

The Epiphone Studio Acoustic 15C is a power-perfect 15 watt amp with a specially designed 8” speaker in a closed-back cabinet. The amp includes 2 inputs—both a ¼” instrument cable input and an XLR (mic) cable input with individual volume controls for each channel as well as a ¼ headphone input--features rarely found on a small amplifier.

And, the Epiphone Studio Acoustic 15C also includes a switchable chorus effect with chorus speed. Sound engineers frequently use a chorus effect to emphasize an acoustic guitar’s natural tone when mixing it with other electric instruments through a sound system. The Epiphone Studio Acoustic 15C’s multiple chorus options allow you to easily “dial in” your tone on any size stage.

At 15 watts this is a perfect practice amp that won't bring the house down, but still has a great sound. A headphone out also allows you to practice at any hour of the day, regardless of who might be sleeping!

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