Digitech Trio Band Creator Guitar Effects Pedal


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The TRIO can be used with your guitar amp, connected to a mixer, or both. There's also a headphone output.

Each genre features an optional built-in guitar tone with a touch of ambience, some overdrive/distortion, and speaker emulation for the outputs. You'll also find a rhythm or lead option, which work just fine in context.

Like a looper, you have to hit the footswitch on the beat at the start and end of your playing, but it's not hard. Playing a bog-standard 12-bar in E, we're surprised how it translates to so many genres and styles.

There are options for everybody with rhythms featuring straight eighths or 16ths or some swing, and thoughtful musical basslines that can be sparse or busy.

More complex chord sequences works equally well: if you stick to major/minor and 7th chords, play simply, clearly and in time, the TRIO will always spit out a complementary backing track.

DigiTech's direct expertise in looping and pitch detection technology has paid dividends with the TRIO, creating an invaluable practice and songwriting tool to suit players from beginners to pros.

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