DIGITECH RP6 MULTI EFFECTS Guitar Pedal Multi Effects Unit & Original Manual


Sale price£124.99



Excellent condition with minor cosmetic wear

Screen works perfectly

Works fully functional

Includes power supply and manual


Features and Specs are as follows:

Programmable floor-mount guitar effects processor/preamp with built-in Expression Pedal and S-Disc processing.

80 patches (40 preset 40 user)

Up to 9 effects at once including:

Compression and enhanced Analogue Distortion (inc Grunge)

3 band Parametric EQ

Speaker Cabinet emulation

Silencer Noise Reduction


Whammy, Detune & Pitchshift effects

Chorus, Flange & Phaser effects

Autopan & Tremelo effects

Reverb & Delay (Up to 800ms Multi tap delays)

Guitar Tuner

Rugged metal case

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