NOS Dallas Rangemaster


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This is a detailed replica of one of the world’s most iconic effects. The Dallas Rangemaster treble booster, originally produced in 1965 has been used by many of the worlds most respected artists including Eric Clapton, Tony Iommi, Rory Gallagher, Brian May, Marc Bolan, Richie Blackmore, and many more… although classed as a Treble Booster the Rangemaster was used as an overdrive pedal to give a more distorted but focused tone with many classic British amplifiers that included the legendary Marshall Bluesbreaker and Vox AC30. This special edition model features the original 1960s Welwyn Potentiometer and 1960s Mullard OC44 Transistor.

BPC NOS Dallas Rangemaster

  • Folded Metal Casing
  • NOS 1960s MULLARD OC44
  • NOS 1960s Welwyn Potentiometer
  • Carbon Comp Resistors
  • Boost Control
  • Limited production
  • Certificate of authenticity
Weight 1 kg
**This item is hand built to order, turnaround time is 2 weeks to build from order**

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