Foxgear ANUBI MODULATION BOX (16 Algorithms 128 Presets)


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The Anubi Box is the perfect addition to your pedalboard or your Amplifier’s FX Loop as a master FX unit, because it doesn’t convert all the signal into digital, but just respects your tone keeping the signal path 100% ANALOG.

Anubi is able to give you one of the widest choice of premium designed Algorithms like in the list below. You can easily manage it by Midi pedalboard, or Midi Looper/Switcher To Change up to 128 Presets with 16 different Algorithms. Also use MIDI to assign an expression pedal to modify each parameter like delay time, levels, speed, or Shimmer to be controlled like a sustain pedal in a piano to add the Shimmering, or again, pitch shifting to obtain a nice Whammy effect for solos.

Based on the trusty FV-1 Digital processor used in many boutique pedals, including our award winning Rainbow, the Anubi boasts a super bright LCD display, visible in any light conditions, and a super easy-to-use interface:

• 100% Analog Signal Path to keep your signal intact
• Stereo Engine (input & output)
• Midi interface to manage Presets and EXP
• 16 Algorithms (many are two algorithms together)
• 128 Presets Available
• 16 Midi Programmable Channels
• LCD display
• Analog MIX
• Digital Programmable Mix
• 100% Analog Signal Path
• Class A buffered Bypass with Relay Alogrithms List

ROOM CHORUS: CHORUS (Reverb + Chorus)
VIBE CHORUS: (Vintage Vibe Chorus)
PHASEREV: Phaser + Reverb
STEREOPHASE: Stereo Phaser
ECHORUS: Echo + Chorus
LESLIEVERB A: Rotary + Reverb
LESLIEVERB B: Rotary + Reverb
VIBERB: Vibe + Reverb
AUTOWAHVERB: AutoWha + Reverb
WAMMER: Pitch Shifting/Octaver
POLYPITCH: Multi Pitch Options
TREMOVERB: Tremolo + Reverb
VINTPHASER: Classic Phaser

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